This project is about the workers who take care of old and disabled people.

Some years ago my mother, 95 years old, was admitted there; so I had the possibility to see nurses and social health operators at work admiring their mission; in fact they are required to do strenuous physical efforts and, at the same time, to approach the guests in a soft and gentle way.

As they were doing something at my place taking care of my mum daily, I decided to do something for them and I chose to do what I am able to do: pictures!
In order to take pictures to the workers after their work shift, the direction allowed me to set a studio in their gym.

I chose to portray them with a lighting inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings to bring out of the dark their face, their life, their value.
To underline the importance of their work, I framed the pictures with an ancient golden frame. Since I prefer to produce a shared project, each worker decided with whom and how to be portrayed.